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Green Holidays

The Monplaisir defends a tourism environmentally friendly and durable.

The issue is important because responsibility for our consumption is directly implicated in the destruction of our environment. Every one of us, in its scale, must act to limit this impact. Our role as a company is to provide the means for customers to be environmentally friendly. Minimize carbon impact, recycle our waste, promoting renewable resources are the main actions on which we are working. Indeed, faced with the paradox of our societies, stroking the chimera of "consume more and polluting less," we choose to "consume better."

Our actions :

Installation of hot / cold reversible air conditioning in our 19 Mobile Homes

This technology allows a saving of 75% of electricity compared to the standard heating and is just as effective. In addition, it allows to have a single device for 2 functions. -Installation of air conditioning switches to the entrance doors of mobile homes:

Allows automatic air conditioning off when the door is left open.

Installation of a heat pump for swimming pool heating

The power consumption of the heating mode is derisory in comparison with other heating methods. Outdoor air is exchanged with the calories of water through a circulator.

Purchase of electric cars

1 buggy for household, 1 cart to welcoming customers, 1 buggy for maintenance. These investments have saved many round trip by car or tractor. The strength of these machines allows us to move even caravans.

Reduced Power consumption lighting

Radar of presence. Twilight detector illuminating outdoor spaces when night falls. Incandescent bulbs disappear in favor of LEDs energy savings.

Gas, electricity, water

Counters are regularly installed on the entire property, to allow us to have a view on our consumption of energy and therefore know better our needs.

Reduction of water consumption

Our faucets are equipped with air-jets, significantly reducing the flow of water used. Similarly our showers are mounted with thermostatic valves to shut off the water by a deliberately short delay. The toilets are flushing  with a double button flush  limiting the quantity used.

Cleaning product

Our refill soap dispensers are, for the most part manufactured from recycled materials. All Ecover products used for cleaning and maintenance of infrastructure are environmentally friendly (cradle to cradle).

Selective garbage

The campsite is completely autonomous in the management of its waste. Our different color bins are used for sorting. Aware that northern European countries are more advanced in terms of recycling, we move to the rhythm of our municipal waste collection centers and look forward to propose you other color bins.


Our vegetable waste are stored on an external property of the campsite. They are then ground by logging tractor reducing by 90% the size of the heap. We use it for our plantations. We have, however, more shredded than we do use. We study any proposal to value the waste.
Each year, we plant trees and bushes to develop new green areas, with the replacement of sick and dead trees, and in our mini-nursery.

Shop and regional products

Very attached to our small grocery shop, we offer a variety of local products mainly from the Alpilles. Thus reducing the carbon impact of your purchases. In addition, it allows local farmers to keep their lands with these opportunities related to tourism.





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